Frost Rebel

Shrink Resistant

Shrink resistant denim material. Safe to wash and wear on the go.


Got some surplus weight? No need to change your jeans. Our stretchable denim fits in any situation. 

Unique Design

Unique & rare design by Krypthean. Only 1200 of the same design are manufactured at any time.


Frost Rebel is one of our designer models with a unique mix of ripped design and scratches & repaired technique to give a spectacularly cool look.

This model is a limited edition pair of jeans produced in only 1200 pcs sold worldwide. We use the best material to produce jeans that are easy to wash, durable but also stretchable and shrink resistant. Enjoy flawless fits and ripped designs that stands out anywhere in the world.

How To Buy

Mauritius: Available on eCommerce portal (limited editions). Ship within Mauritius within 72 hours.

Worldwide: Available on partnered Amazon stores. Ship worldwide. Delivery time varies.


Are the Jeans suitable for hiking and sports?

Our stretchable denims are perfect for rough activities, including hiking and trekking. Never worry about hurting your waist or ripping your jeans while feeling free to move as you want.

What sizes are available?

We use European standards and sizing. Size available are W28, W29, W30, W32, W34, W36 and W38. Yes mate, we catered for everyone!

Are the Jeans unisex?

While the jeans are made using male jeans standards, due to the stretchable factor and shrink resistant design, they fit perfectly well on women too. Women would prefer to go for one size lower though so that the jeans fits in right.

  • W28 (Waist size between 76 cm to 83 cm)
  • W29 (Waist size between 84 cm to 87 cm)
  • W30 (Waist size between 88 cm to 91 cm)
  • W32 (Waist size between 92 cm to 95 cm)
  • W34 (Waist size between 96 cm to 99 cm)
  • W36 (Waist size between 99 cm to 104 cm)
  • W38 (Waist size between 105 cm to 112 cm)